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Eurasia Packaging Fair 2018

A meeting point to seek solutions for any industry whether food related or not, Eurasia Packaging Istanbul International Packaging Industry Fair that keeps bringing the most elite brands of the packaging industry and it’s professionals together took place for 24th time in TÜYAP İstanbul between 31st October – 3rd November. For the duration of the fair, 58.518 professionals of which 8.101 are from 115 different countries had the opportunity to meet participant companies and company representatives from across 44 countries from Turkey to Belgium, China to France, Germany to Italy, Qatar to Netherlands.

Metpack had the opportunity to meet up with their potential and existing domestic and abroad collabrators during the fair. Growing it’s network of marketing using it’s innovative technologies and customer-oriented solutions, Metpack sets foot into new markets, increases it’s existing marketshare and keeps growing.