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Met Paper Promotion Meeting

MET PAPER corporation that has been active in our industry since 1989 within ARAS GROUP hosted the KASAD (Cardboard Packaging Industrialists Association) meeting. MET KAĞITÇILIK represents pacesetter high quality paper and film producers. MET Paper also produces high quality polyethylene (PE) coated cardboard under the brand name of METPACK. With great export potential and approval among cardboard cup and food packaging producers METPACK represents our nation internationally and successfully in this domain.

During this meeting MET KAĞITÇILIK held a presentation about the brands they represent and METPACK production. Based on the question of how we can contribute better to the industry in light of the recent economic developments, MET KAĞITÇILIK valued this meeting as an opportunity to listen from honorable Prof. Dr. Özgür Demirtaş who is among the most qualified in his domain what is to be expected in the future and the latest economic developments.