Met Kağıtçılık General Introduction Meeting

At the KASAD meeting, MET KAĞITÇILIK A.Ş., which has been operating in our sector since 1989, within the body of ARAS GROUP. company hosted. MET KAĞITÇILIK is the representative of the leading paper and film manufacturers producing high quality products. MET KAĞITÇILIK also produces high quality polyethylene (PE) coated cardboard under the brand name of METPACK. METPACK successfully represents our country in foreign markets in this field, with great appreciation and high export potential, especially by cardboard cup and food packaging manufacturers.

In this meeting, MET KAĞITÇILIK shared a presentation about the brands it represents and METPACK production. MET KAĞITÇILIK held this meeting with the idea of 'how can we contribute to the sector, especially in line with the economic developments experienced in recent days', and is one of the most competent names in the field of both the latest developments in the economy and its expectations for the future. prof. Dr. Ozgur DemirtasHe evaluated it as offering the opportunity to listen from 

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